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Revitalizing Fabric Traditions with Ethical Consumerism

The fashion industry is notorious for its negative impact on the environment and its rampant exploitation of laborers. Serious reforms are needed to ensure that fashion is sustainable, ethical, and equitable. Approved Textiles is on a mission to do just that. We believe that the fashion industry can be transformed by empowering local artisans, instilling ethical consumerism, and offering full transparency about our supply chain. Approved Textiles is working to revolutionize the fabric industry by creating a collaborative atmosphere and a sustainable future.

Empowering Artisans

The textile industry is an incredible source of income for millions of artisans across the world. However, many of these individuals face challenges when it comes to accessing adequate resources, coping with volatile market demands, and ensuring fair wages. We at Approved Textiles aim to tackle these inequalities by providing a global marketplace for the products of local artisans. By empowering these makers, we can help to keep traditional skills alive, ensure fair and equitable working conditions, and support practitioners in communities that rely heavily on this industry. In addition, we work with these artisans to help elevate their work, give feedback, and build their reputation.

Instilling Ethical Consumerism

It’s not enough to support artisans, but it’s also crucial to educate our consumers about the environmental impacts of their purchasing habits. That’s why we strive to make our supply chain as transparent as possible. With full traceability for each piece we sell, our customers can feel confident that they’re buying authentic and ethically sourced textiles. We also work to offer innovative solutions that balance style and sustainability and create a more socially responsible industry.

Creating a Collaborative Atmosphere

By bringing together artisans and customers through Approved Textiles, we hope to encourage a collaborative cultural exchange. While our business plan is focused on social responsibility, our core value is community-driven - we believe that by promoting the work of artisans, we help to revive traditions that have been passed down for centuries. Our textile traditions are an integral part of human culture, and it’s essential to preserve and protect them. By working together, we can create innovative and sustainable solutions that address the social and environmental challenges that the textile industry faces today.

Sustainability and Responsibility

The textile industry is responsible for approximately 10% of global carbon emissions, and producing one kilogram of fabric can take up to 20,000 liters of water. We want to change that. As part of our long-term mission, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices across the fabric industry. We prioritize environmentally conscious production processes with innovative solutions and minimize waste. As a result, we reduce the environmental impact caused by the textile industry.


skeins of indigo dyed cotton drying on bamboo racks